Is Your Presentation Interactive?

Today's reality is very interactive. This moment has no precedents in history – at every second we can take our phones from the pockets and connect to any person in any point of our planet.

We got used to interactivity, and our children can't imagine life without it. It is normal to make a video call to your granny in Canada when you are travelling around India. In Internet people make love and revolutions, in social media and messengers they break relationship and teach their kids.

Interaction is in the air and everywhere.

We have to be trendy – so this topic is about the interactivity of your presentation. Is it interactive or not? How do you think? What you can do to increase interactivity and your event results? PodioBox knows.

Preparation Stage

Shorten it! When you prepare your presentation, try to shorten it as much as possible. Short presentations with well-prepared accents usually work better than long and full of facts which doesn't interest anyone. Long presentation leads to lose of your audience's attention – so they won't notice your brilliant last words because they will be sleeping at that moment. Concentrate the best parts of your speech, train it to speak well and comfortable, finish with a good and serious conclusion – you'll get ovations.

Prepare polls and surveys. This is one of the modern trends – live polls are very popular, very effective way to involve and engage people to your presentation and communication. For example, PodioBox will help you to ask and answer right now, to get and analyze live results, comment them in real time and interact during your presentation – not when you will be home after your performance. Think about interesting questions and topics to poll and discuss – 100% working interaction tool!

The Very Beginning

Start right. All well-experienced speakers know – the first part of your presentation is the most important time to get the audience's attention, to engage people and make them communicate to each other and you. So you NEED to use this part to increase the interaction. Start with an ice-breaker, this may be several sentences to "melt the ice", to make the audience smile and a little bit relaxing. It really helps to earn their attention and interaction. Use some joking phrases (but don't overplay), tell something paradoxical or good-shocking, experiment – but prepare it well.

Ask them. This is absolutely normal to ask for interaction. When you are starting your presentation, welcome them to tell their opinions, to ask questions, to express their experience in the topic you are speaking about. If people are still shy and cold, ask them to write down their questions, to participate in polls and surveys in real time. You will get answers – try and make sure. A little secret: if your audience knows that you are waiting for the questions, people will pay more attention for your words. By the way, a good question to discuss is better to put in the beginning – they can start talking. This is the purest interaction.

On Air

Add visual. Visual components work good and make people to feel and express their emotions to you and to each other. Videos are the best, but pictures are good too – they help to keep the attention. Videos and pictures may create a mood you need from your audience, this is very important. PodioBox is integrated with YouTube and GoogleSlides, so you can share visual content any moment you'd like to.

Tell stories. Facts are necessary, but stories are interesting. They will call you the best speaker if your speech was interesting to them. Stories are always emotional, they earn peoples' attention, help you to keep them interacted. Stories can unite them even if they are from different cultures and countries. They will breath in one rhythm waiting for the continuation and the end of your story. Use humor in adequate and healthy way – not too much, but also don't be too serious.

Move and live. Don't stand straight like you are a sculpture. Move on! Move around! Move your body and your hands, use gestures and body language. Use open positions. Express emotions with your body, not only in your voice. By the way, the voice is also important – it may not be similar and indifferent when you speak.

Be real. Speak alive. Feel every moment. They will follow you!

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Posted in PodioProfy, Tips by PodioBox on Feb 23, 2019.