Why You Should Use Video In Your Presentation?

To use or not to use, - that is the question. We are talking about videos, which you are going to add in your presentation. Some speakers think that adding a video content is not necessary, especially if their event doesn't have an entertaining character and topic.

We in PodioBox are completely sure – you should use video information in your presentations. Today we are going to motivate you to pay more attention to this type of content and to show you an easy way to do it.

So, let's discuss presentation videos. There are two most common types of video content, which are used to add to the presentations. First – videos that you've made by yourself (not always "filmed", but created as an artwork, with texts, effects etc.). Second – videos that you've found in Internet. In this case be sure that the video was uploaded into open sources of information, or you have a right to use it free, or you've paid for using it.

Why it is so necessary to add videos to your presentation? Hmm… Maybe, not "necessary", but it would be useful and will help you to get more results of your performance.

People are sure that presentation is something boring.

Even if they are interested in a topic you are talking about, a big part of them go to an event with this kind of feeling: "Oh, better to survive it faster". Someone sleeps, someone draws circles in their notepads, someone texts with their friends. Of course, they are listening – they've paid money to get the information. But there is a difference between having an interest in the topic and being interested during the process, when it goes to a presentation.

You can earn their attention. It really works!

Even if you are talking about ball bearings or changes in a population of beavers over the last twenty years, you can make it very exciting and really interesting by adding a video to your presentation. Think how to present it in a funny (if it is suitable), breathtaking, capturing way depending on your topic and the specific moment. Today people think visually and fragmentally – we all use different gadgets and we are always staring at different monitors.

We are used to watch videos.

For example, if you look to the YouTube statistics, you'll see – every single 60 seconds people are uploading more than 3 hundred hours of different videos into this popular service. PodioBox, the all-in-one system, was specially created for all who works in live event and presentation field. This system is ALREADY integrated with YouTube. So you don't have to reinvent the wheel and seek for a specific service, to learn how it works with your videos, to deal with software incompatibility. Everyone knows how to use YouTube. Try PodioBox and add any kind of your YouTube videos in real time to your brilliant presentation. Very easy and fast, we've tried it a lot.

Everyone loves stories.

Modern people read much less than watch movies. The reason is not only in education level or films' popularity. We are overloaded with information day by day, hour by hour and minute by minute. Agree, it is easier to watch something on a screen than to read something and imagine a picture in your head. People love to watch and they love stories. Every video or movie is a story. It is easy to remember, it goes into your memory by itself, without many efforts or will power. So if you want your audience to remember your topic better and to be more satisfied in the presentation, do it – show videos!

Emotions guarantee impressions.

Every video makes one or another type of emotional response of your attendees. They may feel everything – be happy, angry, interested, disappointed, curious, calm or else. But they always feel something as a response. Use it. Videos make your presentation more real, more alive than facts and text slides. Also you can show them new ways to get the necessary information. You can put in your video all the most important keys to your topics and get a great impressionsas a feedback. Think carefully about WHAT kind of emotions do you need from them and use the relevant video content.

Remember that your videos should be short and relevant. Don't overplay. Good luck!

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Posted in PodioMotivation, PodioProfy on Mar 24, 2019.