Why We Recommend All-in-One Solutions for Your Presentation?

Sure, you know we produce it :) We are the authors of PodioBox, the all-in-one platform that was made for everyone who gives presentations and works in live event field. This is our 'child' and we love it. But this is not the answer.

We recommend all-in-one solutions not just because we decided to make it and realized our idea. We had got a long-term practice and specific considerations based on it, before we decided to create such type of a proposal on the market. So – WHY?

Disclaimer! We don't mean that products with a small number of features are bad or you shouldn't use them. We use it and we like it. But sometimes when you need MANY apps, it is not easy. The all-in-one system (in any field) can help. That's what our article is about.

What do you think about when you decide to order applications, platforms or software for presentations or your other work? You need to pick a product that meets your requirements and provides a solution to your everyday or situational problems.

What do you need?

Tools for planning and organizing your text, graphics, video and other materials - it is necessary to make sure that you should just push a button to start your presentation.

You may need separate applications for conducting various questionnaires, polls and surveys.

You may need software that will help you to gather information and analyze results of your presentation so that you can improve the effectiveness of your work.

Sometimes you need electronic "helpers" for recording - video shooting, live streaming, sometimes you have to hire professional operators with expensive equipment.

And this is just a part of what you may need.

What are the biggest problems?

Yes, it sounds reasonable – you should order and install all the staff, and why not? But - tools may accumulate like a snowball. There are more and more of them. Many of them require training not only yours, but also your team. Each has its own requirements, both to the user and to the system that will run a program or a device. As a result, instead of making your life easier, you complicate it constantly. You monitor all these programs, store them in your device, install new equipment - what's easier there? Almost nothing. And you remember with a little anguish how easy it was before – just to came, to give a lecture and to leave without all these difficulties. Meanwhile you also realize that in XXI century it is unbelievable to deal with your work without software and hardware helpers.

Let's look at the problem from another angle. In most cases, those devices, systems, applications, tools are NOT free. It is good if you need 1-2 or 3 of them. But what if you need more? You must pay one-time or make monthly payments for each of them. Sometimes you have to pay for applications, including for your team or all listeners. You spend a noticeable amount of money regularly and not always have a good result.

How does all this change when you start using an all-in-one system? We are not just talking about presentations – the benefits apply to most areas of work and daily activities that require the use of electronic devices.

Clean your desktop and your mind

Imagine a big mountain of folders, boxes, transparent "files" and unnecessary things on your desk. What will your table look like? Like a height that can't be conquered even by an experienced mountaineer. Experts in psychology argue that the state of our working space has a direct impact on the functioning of our brain. So, the chaos on the table is chaos in the head. The same applies to any modern person – but his desktop is in his computer, laptop or smartphone. The more icons, files, folders you have, the more rules you have to learn, the harder it is for you to figure out, the stronger is your panic.

And now mentally - with one sharp movement! – get rid of this bunch of documents on your table. How clean and easy it is now! Gently place a single folder in the middle of a clean and spacious table. This will be your device all-in-one, as it perceives in your mind. In the case of electronic devices, this will be one folder, one cloud site, one application. Only one thing. And it really does matter.

Focus on your audience

The all-in-one tool allows you to focus effortlessly. You work with one application or system. In the case of PodioBox it does not even need to be installed - you present from the cloud. In the account you have everything ready for you - what to show, what to tell, when to start the picture or video and when to stop it, when to ask questions and how to collect answers, what survey data to display, how to conduct the analysis. You no longer have to work like a horse during your presentation. You can focus on the audience, its engagement and communication with people. The rest will be made by the system.

Save what you can

All-in-one platforms also help to save your money. You pay only for ONE product. And either get it once with an extended range of features, or pay monthly - most manufacturers offer several options to choose from.

Of course, this saves your precious time. You do not need to learn a dozen instructions and understand the rules that exist for each individual program. You get one system and work only with it. This greatly reduces your time costs during the work.

Get rid of chaos

Do you feel how chaos is disappearing? Everything becomes easier, more understandable and more interesting. Once we caught ourselves on this feeling - and we really liked it. This is how PodioBox was invented. You can try it for free for 15 days and see if the all-in-one system is easier than everything you've tried before. FOLLOW THE LINK!

Good luck with your choice!

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