Why Introverts Are Good In Public Speaking?

It's a big mistake to think that introversion means something that is not compatible with public speaking. No! Experts and audiences say that sometimes introverts are better in public speaking than extroverts.

So if you are an introversive person, you don't need to overcome such your specificity. You can use it for your success. And you MUST use it!

First let's understand who is an introvert. Many people (they are extroverts, by the way) think that introvert is a person who doesn’t like to be in public places, doesn’t like – and even is afraid of – being in the center of attention. He or she prefers to spend a day under a warm and thick blanket and speak to no one ever.

But this is not true!

There are very communicable introverts – there are really LOTS of them. And the opposite, there are many closed and distant (they are called exhausted) extroverts. So, how to know this difference, - you may ask. How to know it at least about myself? Psychologists say that the main difference between the introvert and the extrovert is in the way a person uses to recover his energy and resources.

Extroverts use to recover and feel better among the other people. They need to be in a crowd, not always to talk, sometimes just to be part of it. Introverts recover only by themselves, when they can have their own space. The introvert can stay alone for a while, then go to a crowd of people and act normally, no one can say he is not a communicable person.

If you are tired and have no energy, which way to recover do you use?

Think about it.

Also there is a very problematic type of people called a sociopath. This is not a normal feeling, one of a serious psychical trouble. If introvert recovers by himself and needs a space to be okay, sociopath feels himself safely ONLY if there are no people around. Sometimes people think that introversion and sociopathy are synonyms but that's not right.

So, you learn that you are the introvert. Ok, what's next? Is public speaking not a good occupation for you?

Forget about it! You can be the best!

Why introverts are the best public speakers? They are good in preparation! Every introvert cares about people's opinion. That's why he prepares, prepares and prepares before his presentation. He prefers to think about everything in advance, to notice every single detail, to make a plan B, to value every potential action and predict a reaction of his audience. Use this line to make more successful public events and presentations. The more time you spend preparing a plan, the better will be your results. No matter are you a deep introvert or a quite communicable person.

How to be more effective?

Let yourself to be nervous

Some people are so nervous during their public speeches, that they make a big mistake – they are doing everything to make others not to notice their fears, in the result this may look very miserable. Allow yourself to be nervous – you definitely will be, like everyone else. To avoid mistakes play all this performance at home before. Try to use a theatrical exercise – speak about the same things in different way. Use different intonations, styles, words. You will train yourself so good that you can improvise and tell everything in the very best way in front of your audience. This exercise also minimizes a chance to make mistakes.

You are not a slide

Your slides during your presentation must be your speaking background, not you and not your speech. Talk in your own words, ask and answer questions, but don't read slides or repeat them word by word. Of course, you will bring your written plan to your performance, but try to avoid reading. If you are good in the topic you are speaking about (if not – why you are here?), speak fluently, show them that you are an expert in this. Communicate, allow your audience to talk, involve them into your presentation and interact as much as you can. You are NOT a reader, you are a speaker!

Find your way to calm

Introverts are not very comfortable to be on public – this is a fact no matter of their communicative skills. So sometimes they may feel scared or nervous too much. Try to find your own way to calm, do it in advance. It may be good to meditate or relax for a little before you start a presentation. And if you feel too much nervous during the performance, try to take a deep breath. Drink water. Make pauses, this is normal. Better to plan these pauses before. Some speakers take to their events small comforting things, symbols, rings or bracelets which they feel like calming ones. This thing must be associated in your mind with minutes of relaxation and positive emotions. Touch it, look at it – and you will feel better in a moment!

Practice more

This is a key to success for speakers with any types of personality. Practice more than you need. Pay attention not just to repeat words, make a real performance. Take any possibility to speak in public! Don't avoid this. You may feel bad at the very first time, better at the 5th, completely comfortable at the 50th. Do it – you really can!

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Posted in PodioMotivation on Mar 14, 2019.