What is PodioBox?

All-in-one solution made for all who works in live event field. No more chaos and stress. No worries about compatibility or boring audience. Turn your presentation into an enthusiastic game. The results will surprise you!

This is the all-in-one system for those who work in event field. PodioBox can really make your day-by-day work more simple and productive. No need to install a software. No compatibility issues. Just plug and play – make your performance great.

What will you get?

• 20+ features. Only 9 from them exist in the market, others don’t have till now any analog.

• Effective interaction and collaboration between a speaker and his attendees. Your audience is fully integrated into a process. Any standard presentation becomes an interesting, enthusiastic game for all the participants.

• Options with multi-bonuses: slides and documents sharing, polling and survey, feedback in real time, digital handouts and agenda, reporting , speaker’s notes unlimited number of multiple beamers and digital signage, situated in different rooms, with the same or different content without cabling.

• Full integration with Google Drive, Slideshare, Dropbox and Youtube will encrease your conference efficiency and give the best results.

• Any gadget to use – you can manage the event or presentation using PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, even Apple Watch.

• No more extra money for videocasting. No operators and expensive cameras. Your conference can be automatically broadcasted in real time. When you start your first slide – videorecording begins. You can manage every moment of it. If you want, you can stream by your smartphone's camera.

• You will be free of many devices, oldschool beamers, technical troubles, will save up your money and time – better to give your energy to the audience.

This is not the full list - learn more at podiobox.com now.

Thanks to PodioBox you will be able to manage all the conference chaos from the single epicenter with the ease of a conductor, whose every movement is followed by the whole orchestra.

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Posted in PodioProfy on Feb 16, 2019.