Surviving Monday: 7 Business Tips by PodioBox

Do you like Mondays? No? Not sure? You are not alone. Most people - especially business people - feel nervous on Mondays, don't like these days and don't know what to do with all this stress. Let's talk about Mondays and how to survive them.

All your life you thought that Monday is the most difficult day of a week...

Just two interesting facts.

Social statistics say: people all over the world call Monday the worst day, but feel themselves bad on… Wednesday (because of many tasks and two more days till weekend). So Monday has been partly rehabilitated. This fact may help you to understand: you CAN survive Monday in spite of your working tense.

Psychologists say: Sunday night and Monday morning really make you sad and nervous. This is the second fact – you NEED to do something to cope with it in any case.

How to make your business Mondays easier? Let's talk about this.

Start This Now

To start your Monday (and week) productively you just have to – start! Do anything. There is a psychological term "a flow", which means working in a stabile temp and being deeply involved to the process. To catch the flow you need to start doing your work in spite of your plans or wills. The flow often begins after 15-20 minutes of the working process and may not end for hours.

Easy – Difficult – Easy

Your first tasks which will bring you to the flow, have to be easy. Try to begin from your working space – clean your table, delete unuseful files from your laptop. This easy exercise makes your brain to feel more discipline and energy. So you will work better.

The second is – how Mark Twain called it – to eat a frog. In the first half of the day try to do the tasks which you mostly don't want to do. Force yourself and eat these frogs, from one to three (not more). This tip will make the rest of your Monday much more easier and relieving. How to realize it? Tell yourself not to check your email and social media accounts before you've eaten your business frogs. When the most difficult part is done, give yourself a rest.

Learn to defend your borders

Plan your working meetings and calls strictly according to a schedule. If someone wants you to talk about personal things, try to set the limits. Be polite, but defend your precious time. If you tell your attendees when a lecture or presentation will be over, when they can ask questions, they will be more concentrated and focused on the topic of your performance. The meeting will be more efficient.

Do one task in one moment

Even if you are a modern Caesar, who can do three things at one time, on Monday better to hide this talent. Your brain and body are just trying to involve into the working day, so to make this task easier, don't try to catch two rabbits simultaneously. Scientists say that a person who does only one task in one time period, achieves better results than the multitaskers.

Make realistic plans

On Monday it is good to plan your days. But remember – if you make unattainable goals, you will be stressed and disappointed by the end of your working week. So make a plan which contains what you need to do and what you really can do. Divide every big task for 2-3 small ones and write down the way to achieve them.

Don't quit

Don't try to escape your unpleasant working moments. Your mind needs to feel not only the successful and happy emotions. Some stress and negative feelings train your nervous system, help your body and mind to be more stress-resistant. Tell yourself: I CAN DO IT – and realize that you really can.

Love what you do

Learn how to love your work if you don't feel this naturally. Try to find the most motivating moments and tasks in it. If you love what you do, you will meet every Monday as a little long-awaited holiday.

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