Polls and Surveys In Presentation: Quick Guide

Questions and answers are good to make every attendee of your event or presentation turn from a passive listener to a really active participant. Try it!

Do you need to use questionnaires in your presentation? Definitely – YES! It must be one of your goals, if you want to be a successful speaker or respected business leader. Interaction is a key. Interaction is a trend. You have to keep up with the times.

Forget papers!

Do you remember how it was realized ten years ago? A lector made his speech, then people give him papers with questions or rise their hands, stand up and ask. And waiting for his answer. It took a lot of precious time, turn presentation into a very long journey with no finish line at all. While one is writing or asking, others are sleeping or drawing in their notepapers.

Find technologies!

Now everything is changed. You can – and you should – use modern technologies to make your presentation more efficient, easy and clear, more interesting to your attendees. You should ask and answer questions too, like it was all the time, but now you have a possibility to do it better and easier. It will impress your attendees, make them interested, curious about your topic. How? Let's learn more.

Learn a difference!

First of all. What is poll and what is survey? What's the difference? Poll allows to ask one question and pick one answer from the multiple list. For example, you ask: "What color do you like more?" and show answers: "Black, white, red, green, yellow etc." They choose one or several answers depending on your question. We can say that poll is the most simple way to ask and receive answers. As usual, this is a single topic or even item which you need them to respond quickly, in the process of your presentation.

Survey is more complicated type of questionnaire. It allows multiple questions and own answers made by your attendee. In a survey you can ask to write user's name and occupation, e-mail or address, choose his age, ask where did he get information about your event and so on. Your attendee can pick variations or write down his own ones. Surveys are usually asked after the presentation, because people need time and space to think carefully and to create their answers not by choosing prepared ones. Sure, it's not so fast and easy like a poll, but it usually helps you more to receive the necessary information from your audience.

Use both!

We advise you to use both types of questionnaires. How to make it quickly and convenient? You don't need papers anymore and your attendees don't have to wait while one or another of them is talking to you in the middle of the presentation. Use PodioBox– you can prepare your questionnaires in advance and input them into your presentation when it is needed. All the information will be shown on your attendees' devices or gadgets, on the big main screen, so they can involve into the process quickly, answer or ask immediately or when you plan their time to do this.

Analyze this!

All the results you will collect – PodioBox has it's analytic system, so you will receive answers or questions, gather information and use it in the process of your performance or after it: for example, to contact to your attendees, to make advertisement, to correct mistakes or to prepare to your next presentation.

Know them!

Be sure that you know your audience well. To ask proper questions, to make the presentation interesting and exciting, to answer questions in a right way you should learn your audience before writing down your questionnaires. Who they are? What they need? What they already know? What they are going to find out during your performance?

Prepare well – it is a key to your success. You also need to remember that it is reasonable to have an additional plan of questions and potential answers – this tip may help you in the difficult situations.

Ask and answer. Communicate. Good luck!

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Posted in Tips by PodioBox on Mar 30, 2019.