PodioBox: The Brand New Way to Engage Your Audience

It is very easy to involve all (or nearly all) your audience in communication during your presentation, if an audience consists of a small number of persons.

For example, you present the project to the top management, about 8-10 persons. You can talk with them, you can invite them to ask and answer questions in real time in any ways. You have time to do it. But it's not so easy and efficient if you speak in front of an audience of more than a dozen persons. Especially if we are talking about the great hall, as it often happens.

Why is it a problem?

Having a standard set of tools, it is very difficult to engage the large audience in communication. Obviously, you will not have enough time to ask questions and get answers. All these pieces of paper with questions written on them, those collective efforts of writing to the messenger that constantly stops working because of software incompatibility... So tiring and annoying. This way of engagement significantly affects the activity of the audience and the results of your presentation.

The old-school format of questionnaires and surveys that are usually handed out after the presentation is not comfortable as well. As a rule, on that pieces of paper (and yes, paper again, who thinks about the ecology?) they write down the specific questions about the topic, and there are fields to write down their personal information, contacts and answers. You should collect, analyze it manually and make the conclusions on the effectiveness of your job. In fact, this work will continue for hours, while you deal with this pile of paper and then move it to the trash.

What is the decision?

PodioBox is an innovative, having no complete analogues all-in-one platform that makes the engagement process as much easier as you have never expected. It is so fast and easy to ask questions and receive answers, to fill in any questionnaires and surveys. It is also very interesting. The style in that the creators of PodioBox implemented a system of live polls and surveys allows you to engage and motivate all the participants. In fact, each of them takes his part in the game - they are equally involved. Communication does not stop for a minute - questions can be sent to the lecturer at any time, and any person is able to fill any questionnaires.

What does it give to a speaker?

You don't need any more to spend extra time sorting out the slips of paper and choosing the best question or answer. In addition, you won't spend your precious time on manual collecting the data that your listeners write down in paper or electronic questionnaires. PodioBox will do it for you – you will just see the results and make conclusions about the effectiveness of your presentation.

You don't need any more to be afraid of difficult and unexpected questions. Using PodioBox you'll receive questions in real time when your listeners ask them. But this is only you who decide when to answer these questions, you have time to prepare your response – for example, your Q&A session is planned to the end of the presentation, and you receive a question in its beginning. You decide to talk about this or not. This feature gives you more confidence and allows you to focus on the presentation. The automatic system collects all responses: this will allow you to display results in real time. Forget about spending time on collecting manually their questionnaires.

These results can be available to you or to anyone - at your discretion. It can be represented in an effective graphical form. This is very interesting and useful way - to get a full view almost immediately after asking a question.

You keep the full contact with the interested audience, and the style of work in real-time gives benefits not only to you, and to your listeners - they will have fun and excitement to push buttons and answer questions directly from their own devices.

And, in the end, you won't have to use tons of papers - and that means doing something good for our planet. This is quite a noble goal that is being highly supported by PodioBox.

What does it give to a listener?

It's very interesting! What we usually do during presentations? Sleep, yawn, write SMS messages to friends, connect to social networks and so on. And even if we want to participate, sometimes it is difficult to wait until everyone finishes writing down his questions and a lecturer goes through them and choose, and counts answers. It turns into an endless and boring process.

With PodioBox an attendee just uses his own device. He is not the passive listener now – he is an active participant! Everyone can feel himself much more meaningful and confident, and important for the effectiveness of the whole presentation or event, because he will be heard and his opinion will be considered!

Usually, as a listener, you really want to know what others have written in their polls and surveys. Are their opinions different from your own? What are results of a survey on this interesting topic? Using PodioBox you'll see it in real time. The listener will enjoy and feel exciting (not boring!) to be here - and that means that he will get pleasure, knowledge, and want to come back for more.

Try PodioBox for 15 days – and you'll get its benefits for FREE.

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