It's Never Too Late To Try New!

Why we are so conservative? Why we feel uncomfortable when trying something new? This is one of the features of the human's psychic. We are naturally inclined to conservatism.

After all, if the primitive man too actively explored the surrounding area and went out of his cave (today it is called a comfort zone), he risked to die by hands of a predator or rival tribe. Those days are gone long time ago, but the fear of trying new things remained in man's mind. In many ways, it warns him of dangers.

But also - slows his progress.

For example, you're going to open a new business, to buy a new model of a car or to try a new modern way to perform your daily work. What do you feel at the very beginning?

  • It's not like I used to, so it's uncomfortable.
  • It's not convenient.
  • There are no guarantees that it will work better.
  • I'd better "rather bear those ills we have than fly to others that we know not of" as Shakespeare said.
  • Too much time was spent to act the old way. I don’t' want to do this again.
  • It's difficult and unreasonable to learn new things while the old are working.
  • Better to use the bad old way than to make a step into the unknown.

Absolutely normal feelings of any person. There are conservative people whose objections are a lifestyle. And there are those who cope with it easier and are more inclined to experiment. Most of us are in the middle.

Why is it good for you to try something new?

That's an axiom - the best things in life happen outside your comfort zone. You need to get out of it to discover new opportunities.

Trying new things always means – to expand your horizons and diversify your life. According to neuropsychologists, learning something new (a foreign language, a computer program, a way of knitting clothes) generates new neural connections and develops our brain, also delaying it's aging process.

While you are sitting and fearing, your competitors are trying, stepping back and moving forward again – they may come to success faster.

Imagine that tomorrow morning you will decide to change your usual route and turn on a completely unknown road. Yes, it will be difficult. But very interesting! Perhaps this will be the first exciting adventure in your life. You'll see unexplored places, meet new people, you will try, feel, smell, taste, see and hear something new. Who knows, maybe this is your dream coming true?

Trying new things is to develop comprehensively. The new opens not only your weak and strong hands, which you can work with. Open the world for yourself – and it will answer you the same, offering a variety of opportunities.

This is the way to your success. Start today!

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Posted in PodioMotivation on Feb 06, 2019.