The Most Useful Slide Tips For Your Presentation

You know WHAT to talk about. You know WHERE and HOW to perform. You know WHAT result to expect. You know WHO your attendees are...

The main question is – HOW to create your presentation in the most effective way?

The main answer is – to make really GOOD slides.

We are going to tell you some useful tips which – we hope! – will help you to make your presentation interesting, clear, valuable and exciting for you and your audience.

We like and use the 10-20-30 rule by Guy Kawasaki.

This rule means:

  • 10 – your presentation must contain about 10 slides, this is the optimal number which shows itself as a most effective for your attendees;
  • 20 – your ten slides must be given in 20 minutes, not more;
  • 30 – you should use fonts not smaller than 30 points.

This rule really works so try to use it as a canvas for your whole performance.

What about a content?

Simplicity is a key

Don't overplay when you are trying to fill your slide with interesting facts, blocks, charts and pictures. Keep it as simple as you can. Also try not to use too many bullets – it looks good only if it is suitable. Why you shouldn't write a lot of information on your slides? Read more and we'll answer this question.

Useful! People can normally accept 2-3 bright (or big) visual blocks in the same moment. Use bullets only for lists containing of 3-4 positions.

We are not in a circus

Don't use motley colors and fancy fonts. This always looks unserious, even if you are performing an entertaining presentation and decreases the trust of your audience to your knowledge and speaker's image. Remember that high and low contrast colors are not readable (white on black, white on red, blue on deep blue etc.). Be sure you can read it with no headache.

Useful! Pick a simple basic template. Use clean basic fonts of 30+ points. No fonts distortion, no effects or animation.

Slides are to help

Don't read everything what you've written on your slides. The slides should help you and your audience to see and note the key positions and thoughts, but it doesn't mean that the slides should replace your speech. You are a person in a center of attention. You speak. The audience should focus on you and your words, your energy, not on the slides you show. If you don't want to resolve issues with your slide remotes and sharing all the time, try PodioBox – all those problems are already settled. Just plug, play and make your work easier.

Useful! The best place to accent on the most necessary information is in the top half of the slide. Use it to underline your most important thoughts and headers of your topic.

Quality is a must

You should use images and videos in your presentation. But you also should not choose this graphics and video information randomly or accidentally. Be sure you've pick only relevant pictures and videos, use them wisely and not often. Such type of content may help your audience to get the most important moments of your presentation. This is not a game or cinema hall.

Useful! Put into your slides only high-quality graphics and video. You can make it by yourself, use free images from Internet (be sure you've got all copyrights, by the way), or buy it on professional online stocks.

Don't forget to say thank to your audience and to put your contact information in the bottom of your last slide.

Good luck!

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