Life Hacks to Memorize Your Presentation: Memory Palace

If you want to feel yourself more confident while giving a presentation, to accent and focus on your audience and its reactions, to feel less anxious, you should follow the rule number one – know your presentation key points and ideas as well as you can.

When you memorize it well, your knowledge works for you. You don't have to think about your next words, and automatically you refocus from yourself to people who are here to listen to you. You are able to improvise and add something interesting, fresh thoughts and ideas – because everything you want to add works with a good basis. This basis has been already formed in your memory. Not by itself, but thanks to your hard work.

We've written about a method that really helps to memorize presentation texts, ideas and logical connections – read Life Hacks to Memorize Your Presentation: Mind Map.

Today we are going to tell you about another well-working tool that you can use any time – it is called a Memory Palace, or a Palace Method. By the way, this is the great method to develop your imagination and visualization skills.

Method of loci

The Memory Palace Method is also known as the method of loci, from a Latin word that means location. This is not just visualization, but something like a combined pair of visualization and spatial imagination. Ancient people used their spatial memory to orient in their complicated and unexplored lands and woods, this skill was very important for them to survive and feed their families. That's why our spatial memory is also well-developed, much better than our ability to memorize words. Neuropsychologists say that our brain always connects a place with an event that is happening there. And we are going to use this connection to memorize our presentations.

How to practice it? Before you start, write down the most important ideas of your presentation and try to focus on its key points that you should formulate in 1-2 main words. Where to start?

Step 1

Imagine a place that is comfortable to you. It may be totally imagined by yourself or it may be a really existing (or existed) place – for example, your parents' house or your own apartment. It even may be a single room that you like or a big hall in Versailles. No matter what and where it is, you should feel good there – and that's it. Imagine this place in details, think about a route that you'd like to follow inside this palace of memory. In your imagination you may walk from the front doors to your favorite room or hall, or choose any other way.

Step 2

When you've chosen your path, try to remember it and explore this imagined way as well as you can – it is important to practice the technique properly. Than imagine how you are going through this way: doors, walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, accessories. Notice everything you can. Try to feel yourself realistically – as if you are really walking in the real place. Here is that picture on the wall, and there is a red chair with black details, and this floor has to be cleaned long time ago. Improvise and be creative – it increases your chances to remember everything.

Step 3

Look at your list or picture where you've noticed the most important information about your presentation. Mentally pick several words or images and put them on different places and objects in your palace. Do it in the chronological order – if you should start with statistics and then go to a story, keep this order in your imagined memory palace interior. Use the most interesting and noticeable associations to memorize them better.

Step 4

Now your palace is ready. Your interior exists in your mind, your path is chosen and all the main points are associated with different things and details. What you should do? Take a walk. Go through this path mentally several ways, repeat this walk until you remember anything every time. When you practice this method for a while, you will realize that you KNOW it well! All your main points, key moments, its order and chronology are already in your mind – and your palace is ready to open its doors to you and your attendees. Well done!

Practice is a key

You can use this technique in any way that you like. You can build several memory palaces – a new one each time, or use the same mental place every time. Feel free and comfortable to experiment. And with PodioBox you can make your presentation great, professional and easy with no software installation and any other problems. Try for free for 15 days - FOLLOW THE LINK!

Good luck!

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