Keep Your Audience Coming Back For More!

How to make your audience to come back? This question is topical not only for website owners. If you work in public speaking or live event field, you know it well – this way is not always simple.

Your success, your income, your future depend on the fact that people come to your conferences and events, like and rate it well and come back to next events you organize or participate in. It's not a secret – people nowadays are picky, they have high standards and lots of interesting propositions. We compete to earn an audience. How to make different audiences to compete for your attention?

Keep the relevant topic

Some public speakers love to talk with their attendees about everything – how nice the weather is, did you have a breakfast today and what do you think about the next elections. Yes, sometimes it is not bad to make people a little bit more relaxed and talk about windy morning or interesting TV-show. But if your event agenda says: "Great Britain in XIX century", talk about Great Britain and this century most time you've got for your speech. Even if you represent yourself like a brand or your new book, it is better to talk about the announced topics and not to make lyrical digressions all the time. Your audience has a list of interests - respect it and remember.

Let them say

We've told this several time and never stop repeating: communicate to your attendees. Full interaction is a must have at your presentation, meeting or other event. It is necessary to communicate at the serious business presentation, and it is also necessary to communicate at the wedding or home party, if you are an event organizer, speaker or leader there. Ask and answer questions, let them express their opinions, pass a microphone to the audience, invite to active communication and encourage sociability. Use polls and surveys, discuss the results. Use event technology. For example, PodioBox can make all this happen in easiest way – your attendees turn from the passive listeners to the active participants of your performance of any kind or topic.

Tell them stories

How to grow rapidly in your audience's eyes? Become real and interesting. Of course, your main topic may be very complicated and serious, even dramatic and so on. But don't read dry facts (with a paper or not), try to be as alive as possible. Move your body, use gestures – use your hands at least, play with your intonations, tell interesting stories. All these facts you may list one by one or you can use a story to tell the same information in a very exciting way! Guess now, what type of obtaining information your attendees will like more? What will be more efficient and remarkable? You are right – the second one. You can also use jokes if it is suitable, but don't forget to stay in the bounds of decency, even if your event is an entertaining one.

Make breaks

You know it by yourself – if you are sitting and listening to a very exciting story for too long time, your interest decreases every 30-40 minutes, until comes to a zero. In an hour everyone wants to drink or eat, to visit a restroom, to move a little bit. Let them rest for a while and have a rest too. Plan this break in advance, tell people how much time they have and politely ask to come back after this break. They will be thankful and their attention will be better – you'll see.

Make a difference

If you do – as you think – everything you can, but people come back rarely and rarely, try to make changes. What type of changes? Analyze the potential problems and start with anything. You may change the whole audience and start from the very beginning. You may change venues or seats, visual or software systems, your mood, your… suit, at least. Communicate another way – stand, talk, gesticulate. Tell another things with another intonation. Don't be afraid to try. If you really afraid to do the big changes, make small steps and look what happens.

Get them online

Nowadays technology is everything. If you are not represented in the social media, if you don’t talk to your potential and existing audiences in other places except your event place, this is not interesting. Take their emails and social media accounts, write the post-event words, follow up them and follow them back. Respect your audience and show that you appreciate them for being your attendees. By the way you can use your social media accounts and email service to promote your next meetings, presentations and other events to your own audience. Offer interesting topics and give discounts, make them propositions they can't ignore. Be interesting and grateful – and they will come back for more. Not once.

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Posted in PodioProfy, Tips by PodioBox on Mar 06, 2023.