How to Train a Dragon: Event Organizing Stress

In 2016, CareerCast ranked event organizer as 5th most stressful professions, after a military man, fireman, pilot and police officer. It seems right. Your job really makes you nervous. Why?

Imagine a movie scene. A man running on the roof, trying to run away of a dragon. He knows that the roof will be over soon. He has to solve a lot of problems in a limited time. Run fast, don't stumble, be ready to jump, step properly, remember about timing, save life. He knows: if he makes a mistake, it may be a complete failure – the roof will end and he will fall down. Or catched up by the monster. Is this situation stressful? Definitely yes.

Recognize your day-by day work?

  • Limited time.
  • Huge responsibility.
  • Unlimited number of big, medium and small tasks.
  • No right to mistake (at least, to make a big one).
  • Fear of failure and huge price of it.
  • Significant challenges in a center of attention.

Human factor also means - any event can get no clients and leave its organizer with no money. Therefore, the strongest survive :)

How to reduce this stress?

Let it be

Sometimes things happen accidentally. A stress you'll get by trying to be ideal will unsettle you and spoil the rest of your event. Allow yourself not to be perfect. Stay calm and try to do everything possible to correct what you can.

Make lists

Write down all your TO DO's in details. Write down potential problems and solutions in different ways. It helps to release your memory and relieve stress.

Create a plan B

If it doesn't work – you have the whole alphabet to plan more. Ways to settle situations must be thought out in advance. Any speaker can make mistake (or get sick in a last minute), people can react unexpectedly, technical details may fail, and so on. But remember that you can't foresee absolutely everything.

Take care of your body

Even if a preparation takes up all your time, be sure to get enough sleep, eat healthy, walk outside and exercise. During the event don't forget to drink water, snack (add into your plan!) and make breaks.

Set up your mood

An audience is a great barometer that reads your psychological condition. Create your mood, be vigorous and do not show weakness, otherwise it may become a trend of this event and leave an unpleasant aftertaste.

Don't expect miracles

Try to evaluate a situation and its outcomes realistically and objectively. Write down your main and additional event goals. Consider how to do everything to come to main ones, even if additional may be problematic.

Use help

Delegate your tasks to assistants and use achievements of modern science and technology. Useful and innovative know-hows can free up your time and hands to prepare the content and other organizing moments of the event.

Trust your team

In the evening before the event day or in the morning before it starts, make a few test "runs", play everything in details. Give tasks and ensure that they are carried out. Inspire and support each other before and during the event.

Have a good sleep at night, take your water and lists, grab a phone charger, try to look good. And don't be late.

It always seems impossible until it's done © Rachel Mueller-Lust, event planner

You did it!

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Posted in PodioProfy on Feb 09, 2023.