How PodioBox can help you to teach better?

You have found your calling in the teacher's work. You know well that students and pupils are not the easiest representatives of an audience.

Most of them are at that age when the person is not fully aware of the need of attentive and high-quality learning. Many of them think that all this is important only for their parents, or just because everyone should get an education. Their own motivation is still evolving, and one of the most important tasks of the teacher is to help the student to become a grown-up, responsible and reasonable person, a professional in his field that anyone can rely on. It is really a very big responsibility and your most important job.

How does an average lesson in an average university look like? Some of the students are really listening to their teacher - but in most cases it is a small part of the audience. Others are busy with their own activities. Someone is talking or texting in the messenger, holding his smartphone under the desk. Someone is playing electronic games at his tablet. Someone right now is drawing on the table and thinks that you can't see it.

Most of the students are bored, even if you are a very good and impressive teacher. It's their nature, their age, and they want to run and jump, to fall in love and spend time with friends, not to sit here listening to lectures. Even if these lectures are very interesting.

What can you do to earn their interest? How PodioBox can help you to teach better?

Invite them to play the game

To make the interest of your young audience focused on your information, words and slides that you show during your lecture, you need to find a quick and effective way to attract their attention. PodioBox solves this problem quickly and easily. As we have already said (and you know it well), usually students get bored because they have an opportunity to get bored. Their hands are free, their eyes and ears involved partially because each of them can choose whether listen to you or not, look at your presentation or look in their own smartphones. Take their hands to the job and use their devices to make your lecture more interesting and useful. How to do it? In a very simple way.

When you use PodioBox for performing a presentation during the lecture, each student can connect to it with his own device (it works with Internet or without it), and to participate actively in the process of the lecture and mastering of the information. Using this platform, all students in the room make just one simple step – and turn from the passive listeners to the maximally active participants. How does it motivate your students? To them it is an analogue of a funny and entertaining interactive game! It's like a computer game, only in real time, and each of them takes a significant part in it. Impossible to resist - everyone will be involved!

Use a system of questions and answers

In order for your audience (consisting mostly of people who are not yet accustomed to express their positions and talk first) could feel like the full participants in the lecture, invite them to ask questions. How is this typically done? Students write down their questions on small pieces of paper and give them to a lecturer or a teacher. He collects them, reads and responds to the ones that seemed interesting to him. Also another option is possible. A teacher distributes ready-made questionnaires, which a student has to answer in detail.

At the end of the lecture, he collects them and analyzes (mostly he does it at home), to understand was the lecture interesting and useful to the audience. Both types of polls and surveys have their flaws – both styles take time, slow progress of the lecture, make students bored and teacher nervous. In addition, the study of the materials of the questionnaires after the lecture does not help to improve it here and now. But there is a solution! PodioBox allows you to do it all in real time.

You are able to ask questions using the PodioBox platform: each student receives it on his mobile device or computer, has the ability to respond independently and send you a response. Also he can ask you a personal question that won't be seen by anybody else in the audience. You can use polls, where there may be only one question and several answers, and questionnaires/surveys requiring detailed responses from the first person - your students will be able to write it by themselves and send you in the real time directly in the class during your lecture. You don't need to learn all this at home and sort through papers. Interactivity at 100% - you can immediately respond, analyze the information, correct and improve your lecture.

Make your preparation easier

Before starting a lecture, a teacher usually prepares not only info that he is going to share with his students. Typically, he knows this information well for a long time and he is an expert of a high quality – that's a profession, not just a single presentation. Therefore, the main objectives, in addition to finding ways to interest the audience, are reduced to different technical aspects and the organization of his lectures. You should cope with the compatibility of all devices, check all connections, solve problems with the Internet, invite operators to shoot (if we are talking about an open class or an important presentation for invited students), and so on. It's a real chaos, which does not allow you to focus on the lecture and your audience.

With PodioBox you will be able to relax and enjoy your great and interesting work, to focus on giving the most useful information to your students. The platform will solve all necessary issues – from the compatibility problems (software and hardware) to full integration with the most popular services, full control of the situation – this is just using any your device as remote. It will be so easy and good to perform your lectures – now it may seem difficult to believe. But you can always try it – now a 15-day trial period it is available for totally FREE.

Just sign up, try it and see. To start – follow the link


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Posted in PodioProfy on May 17, 2023.