How To Give A Perfect Skype Presentation

Presentation is a big part of our life – sometimes or even daily we all have to present something or present ourselves to other people.

If this is also an important part of your day-by-day work, you may use different types of presentations. Of course, the type depends on your occupation, location and other moments of your work. Most businessmen and speakers give their presentations in several ways: live presentation or event, distant presentation with different kinds of devices (remotes, useful all-in-one platforms, phones etc.). And, for sure, one day you'll have to give a presentation through Skype.

When do you need it?

Situation 1.Your potential business partners or customers are situated in other country or even city, your nearest working or financial plans do not include live meeting with them as necessary or reasonable.

Situation 2.You have to give many presentations in a short period of time or to give it to different people all over the world – there's no reason to spend huge efforts in our century of technologies, much easier is to give this presentation via Skype.

Situation 3.You have to give presentations often – for example, several times a week, and also group presentations or you present on TV from other city or country every day.

Situation 4.You have no technical, physical or financial possibility now to meet your interlocutor in the nearest time.

Situation 5. You just don't want to spend all your time in business trips, especially if your interlocutors' decision is not guaranteed or you are just looking for potential partners, customers or investors.

Situation 6. The other side is sure that now it is better to meet you on Skype.

Situation 7.You just want to do it this way. How to give a brilliant Skype presentation? There are some common rules you should use and popular mistakes you should avoid.

Location conditions

Stories from Internet tell you: be sure that nothing and no one (your kids, pets, relatives, colleagues – if you are in the office) can be a reason of some unprepared issues during your presentation. Close a door, provide good acoustic conditions and be sure your Internet connection is quite good. If you give such types of presentation often, it is better to buy a special white background for this purpose or make your natural background elegant, simple as much as it is possible with nothing to distract your interlocutors' attention.

Make a shot with your webcam to be sure that your background is clear – with no empty bottles of yesterday night bear, clothes on your chair, cats sleeping on your couch, at least. Put a glass of water near your computer. Also it is necessary to be sure that your audience can see you in a good quality picture – this is a part of your professionalism and respect to them.

Sound, camera and light

If you are going to sit down during the presentation, place your laptop or other type of device this way – the camera has to be at the level of your eyes. This tip will help you to look normally and naturally. It is good to put some external light in front of your face to lighten it up. When you have lights only on a background or upper lights, people will not recognize your face well and it decreases quality of the video picture.

It is good to use natural light, but sometimes it makes you invisible too, so – again – make a shot of yourself and be sure that you are seen normally. During your presentation is necessary to talk not only verbal, but also with your mimic, gestures, body language, your eyes. So, you must be seen well. If you need to read notices, place them around your device camera, don't jump under your table to see it. Use head microphone or lapel one, don't trust your laptop or phone mic.

Test everything

Skype presentation is much less predictable as the live one. You may stuck to Internet speed or quality issues, to software problems etc. You may also know that your voice, your speech speed and emotions have to be less expressive in comparison with your live event. Speak confidently and clear, but don't gesticulate and move too much.

So if it is possible (and if your presentation is really important), practice and record it on video, than see and correct your mistakes. In any case you SHOULD test and check anything before making a call. Especially if you are sitting down (some experts, by the way, think that it is better to give standing presentations on Skype too, but you choose).

Inspect your account

What is on your picture? If you've never given Skype presentations before and mostly use your account for personal communications, you may notice that there is a funny cat or flirty girl on your picture, some strange quote in your status. Find out if everything is professional and correct (and clean up your old statuses, if you are not sure they will be understood normally).

Always be there in time. If you have some serious excuses, tell it in advance, this tip shows that you respect your audience (we are all people, anything may happen).

How to finish your presentation? Say thanks and goodbyes and let the other side to hang up their connection first.

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