How to Engage Them if Your Topic is Boring?

Actually, there are no boring topics. There are disinterested audiences. There are poor and indifferent lecturers. There are low-quality presentations and events.

We are absolutely sure: if you pay attention to the preparation, choose the right attendees, spend time to make your presentation simple, interesting and interactive, you'll achieve all your goals. Even if someone thinks that your topic is bored by itself. You CAN make it entertaining and engaging! You just should know some tricks. Let's talk about it.

The majority of public speakers think that grass is really greener across the stream. Are you among them? You think that any other lecturer or speaker has more interesting topics than yours?

So it's time to turn your bo-o-o-oring topic into a very interesting one!

Wake up!

First you should wake up by yourself and start to believe in your topic. If you are sure that your topic is not interesting and you are going to deliver a presentation without your own interest – better don't read more. We are going to give some tips to those lecturers and speakers who really care about their audiences and want them to be impressed by the topic, to learn more from the presentation, and both sides – to be satisfied after the meeting.

Take a realistic look

Ok, your topic is not that kind of entertaining and impressive as others. But this fact means nothing except that you should change your attitude and your traditional way of giving a presentation. If your topic is boring enough, you should use your talent, your passion and expression, your confidence and brilliant knowledge to make people interested in it. Take this challenge – it can be very exciting for you to try a new approach and get new results!

Find your audience

Are you going to speak about varieties of rubber for production of automobile tires in front of a hall full of housewives? Definitely, your audience is not too interested, it would be better to open this topic in front of the people who work with cars or who love cars and driving. Find out WHO your audience is. The same topic can be very impressive for ones and completely, more than anything else, boring for others.

Be curious in your topic

Find out your own interest in this topic. If you are really passionate about it and your audience has been chosen right, you will be able to impress anyone! And if you don't like your topic and key points, if you think it is about nothing, what do you expect from people? Your lack of interest, emotions, passion will be noticeable in a moment – and everyone will feel the same. Begin from yourself! We are sure that every, even the most boring topic in the world, has something interesting to speak about, something to like or even to love about it. Find it out and show!

Express yourself

Your personality is great. Let it shine! Tell about your feelings, use your gestures and body language, add motivating intonations into your voice when you speak. If you go to the stage with a grey face and speak with a grey voice, no one will be interested in this presentation. Your topic is grey by itself? Ok! Make it colored with your own experience, tell your audience how you use this product or how you work in this field, what does it mean for your life. Tell them why you are here, why you are interested in this topic. Inspire the audience with your own example!

Play a game

When you start the presentation, ask your audience to find out several hidden tips or points about your topic. Tell them that those tips are already included in your words and only those who listens carefully, will be able to put a puzzle together. Find out several types of tasks and play this game at your presentation. Those who find the tips first, may receive a discount or your personal autograph or something else they may like, it depends on the topic and audience.


Turn your passive listeners into active participants. Ask and answer questions, invite them to take part in interesting discussions. Event technologies can help you – for example, PodioBox can turn any boring presentation into an interesting and engaging game. All your attendees are able to take polls and surveys, choose answers and write down questions just using their devices. They will be fully interacted in the process. No one can say this is boring!

So, there are no boring topics. Use your talent, passion and some technology help – and you will inspire your audience with any thoughts and facts.

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Posted in PodioProfy, Tips by PodioBox on Apr 28, 2019.