Entertaining Presentation: 6 Brilliant HOW TO's

There is always a risk of overplaying if you give an entertaining presentation that may lead to ruining all the impression and make you fail. How to make your entertaining presentation in a right way?

There are two types of presentations that may be described like entertaining ones. First is a common presentation with an average topic with elements of entertainment specially added to involve and interest an audience. In this case, it is important not to overplay with humor – it is not always appropriate. If you have gathered all these people in this hall to listen to a serious lecture about the political situation somewhere in the end of the globe, humor will not always be a suitable choice in order to interest the audience.

There is a second category as well. This is a presentation originally focused on entertaining the listeners. The presentation is created to amuse and entertain the audience. So, it always contains much more jokes and other forms of humor compared to the presentation of a serious topic. This style and direction of presentations has its own challenges. At first glance it may seem easily to do - but it is worth remembering that a presentation (even an entertaining one) is not a comedian performance. How to make an entertaining presentation really 'entertaining' in a better form? Let's talk about this.

Did you know that…

…'entertaining' doesn't mean 'laughing', it is about an impression of an audience

Smile? Good, but not enough

The presentation should arouse emotions in a person. These emotions can be quite dramatic. Originally you choose the mood of the presentation and make it entertaining in a specific way. And this tone should be followed throughout the speech. The structure of your entertaining presentation doesn't differ from the structure of ordinary speech in the familiar form that we all know well. This presentation should contain introduction part, main part and conclusion part. But it should be much more impressive and emotional – and we are going to work with it now.

Be an expert first

First and foremost, remember that jokes do not guarantee your success in your audience's eyes. As we've said, you are NOT a comedian on a stage and your task is not just to amuse, but also to motivate and to inspire, and to convey all the necessary information to your audience. This means that you should brilliantly know your subject, every nuance, all the questions and details of it. You should be able to speak about your topic even if you wake up in middle of the night and have an exam in this field. To joke around, to make the presentation really entertaining, you should perfectly understand the topic. Then you will be able to talk about it automatically, and to focus on creating interesting and colorful jokes, humorous or impressive stories.

Break an ice

Perform a bright start - use a so-called ice breaker, a short story, quote or anecdote that will enable you to relax your audience immediately and to configure them to an entertaining way, it will turn people to you and allow them to be more attentive from the first minutes of your presentation.

Keep it serious? Yes!

The more entertaining atmosphere you plan to create during your presentation, the simpler and clearer text and design you should use. The structure of the material should be as clear, concise and understandable as it is possible. This way your audience won't be distracted from your entertaining, to understand all the nuances of the narrative. All your information should be serious and professional. You should make the base of your topic and then build an entertainment component around it.

Use visual motivators

Add some interesting and impressive visual, graphical and video information. It is very important not to overdo it, but such type of info should be the part of your entertainment presentation. How to do it in the easier way? Use PodioBox all-in-one event and presentation platform – it is integrated with all popular services (Google Drive, Slideshare, Dropbox and Youtube) and makes it very simple to add video, pictures and other entertaining data in automated form. You can prepare everything in your personal speaker's area and run the presentation easily.

Let your personality shine

Present information in interesting, emotional, exciting way, talk about your own experience, use gestures and body language. You should be open, your face and body should be turned to your audience, your hands shouldn't be hidden in the pockets, behind the back or crossed with each other. Be a dynamic speaker, lighten up your audience, involve all of them in communication with questions and answers, polls and survey (with PodioBox it is VERY easy, too!). Tell fascinating and emotional stories, add different inflections in your voice!

Never use inappropriate and unacceptable jokes. We are sure you already know that.

Let your audience smile. Good luck!

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