The Energy of Your Presentation: Why It Matters?

The impression of your presentation is always based on whether you will be able to give enough to the listener. What does it mean? Your energy, your passion of what you are doing and your shining personality.

We are not talking about metaphysics and esotericism, absolutely not. Energy is physics in its pure form. And the way you can present yourself, light up your audience, inspire and motivate it, how much energy you will share, will largely increase the chance of success of your presentation.

How to behave and share energy in order to impress the audience and help them to remember your presentation? Let's talk about this.

Cultivate positive emotions

It is important to do this not only and not so much at the presentation. Positive emotions should be the leading direction of your own emotions in everyday life. Always look at the bright side of anything around. You have already lived some part of life and, looking back, you can conclude that very often even negatively colored events later led to surprising changes in life and became very important. And if you ask a person with whom something "bad" has happened: "Do you regret it?", some people say - no, it was the first moment of my new life! It is necessary to see the bright and good in every moment, develop positive emotions and good thoughts in yourself - this affects your personality and help you to give good and receive good.

Be passionate about your tasks

Regardless of whether you are talking about the presentation or about the whole of your life, light up this task, live in the present moment as brightly as you can. Only the fire that flames in your heart and your brain, which you are ready (and know how) to share with the public, will light people up with your presentation, make them breathe with you in one rhythm and greedily catch every word you say. Show your emotion passionately - be open, use intonation in your speech, get rid of the bad habit of speaking monotonously and without pauses. Breathe - feel - express. This universal formula helps to make your presentation impressive, bright and interesting.

Pay attention to your body language

In order to deliver your inspiring energy to the audience during your presentation, you need to be open. You can feel yourself open inside, but if you are giving a lecture or a presentation standing with your legs and arms crossed, the necessary message to your audience will not come. You block everything that comes from your body and from your mouth by closed postures. Do not sit cross-legged - or even better, do not sit at all. Relax your shoulders and chest, do not clamp in the solar plexus area. Keep your hands open - people should see them, this position shows that you have nothing to hide from them. Stand straight and open everything you can. Speak to you listeners, address them by gesturing with your hands, turn to them not only with your face, but with your whole body.

Imagine your presentation in advance

It is very important to think carefully about how you will deliver the information to your audience. Before you carry your energy to people, you need to recharge it in yourself. Think about which energy sources are very important for you, how you are filled with strength, what moments in your work excite you, express a passionate attitude towards it, the desire to work more and better, the love of your product or service. Use these sources. Also, make yourself ready before each performance. Imagine how you are speaking - how you gesticulate, how you perform, what you do on stage, how the spectator waves of positive emotions flow to people. Believe, all this may sound fantastic, but it really WORKS!

Take care of the quality of your product

Your presentation is your product. There should be no shortcomings and mistakes in it. Learn the material so that you can tell it from A to Z in the middle of the night. Present so that no one has a desire to find problem spots in your speech. If you are passionate about your own business, nobody will notice any little things, but if you don't know the material well, it will be obvious, and positive affirmations will not help.

Get rid of tech problems

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