How to Earn (And Not Lose) Your Audience's Trust

You want your audience to believe you. If you don't, why are you doing all this things? :) So, to earn your audience's trust, you need to motivate people in the right way and to speak convincingly.

The audience's trust is the most important key to the credibility and success of your presentation or lecture. How to get it and not lose? Use advices by PodioBox!

Prepare well

Write down all tips and goals of your persuasive speech – you will clearly realize what you want to achieve from the audience. Guess what those people should think or do after your words and write it down too.

Prove and tell truth

Tell only the truth – if you are not sure that your statement is true, do not disclose it until it is fully tested and proved by facts. Tell arguments which are proving your rightness. If the audience will understand (or learns later) that you've lied, don't count on trust any more. Your arguments must be significant.

Stay positive

Speak with a positive and enthusiastic attitude, but be afraid to overplay. Don't let people to interpret you like a happy clown of the day. Keep your dignity and be moderate in jokes.

Respect and interact

Be interested in a feedback, show your respect to all the audience and its single representatives. Remember that they are here not to see the play performed by the best actor. They are here to learn, they paid money for this and spent their precious time. Be respectful.

Prove more

Pay more attention to evidences of negative, critical, compromising facts. If your feedback contains criticism of a specific action of any person, authority, organization, it is important to quote and name the source claiming that the action was performed, and only after this to express your opinion.

Work with objections

If your attendees do not agree with your opinion or information, respect their ideas and a courage to express thoughts. Do not attack, criticize, and certainly not satirize (this is a problem of many speakers). Thank, explain, invite to find the truth together or find a compromise.

Don't be a star

Do not use A Power of Standing on The Podium to understate a status of your audience. Demonstrate your partnership and leadership, but don't be authoritarian. Emphasize your readiness for the constructive dialogue, don't forget to express respect.

There are no successful lectors without satisfied audiences. So you know what to do. Good luck!

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Posted in Tips by PodioBox on Feb 04, 2019.