Business Presentation: How To Make It Great

What kinds of business presentations are popular? You may represent your business to potential business partners or give to your new employees all the information about your company and types of products or services that it offers to its customers.

You may perform a presentation about a new product or service, modification or product line. Of course, this list is not full – you can speak about any topic connected to your business, and you should do it in a simple, effective and interesting way to achieve your presentation goals and to earn your audience's trust. What do you need to know to make your business presentation better?

Find priorities

You should understand it very clearly – you must find your priorities and include to your presentation only the most necessary and important information. Think about the topic: what is the main goal of your presentation? What do you want to tell your audience? What their problem this information will resolve? Write down everything you are going to tell, than cross out all what is not necessary to say. This is business, people are going to listen only to the clear and short information which they are really interested in. Priorities are important also because of your main point – if you present it to your potential business partners and all the time make lyrical digressions, it may look like you are not good in your topic and your business is not serious. Be careful with information overload and avoid tons of unnecessary words.

Keep simplicity

Your slides should be simple – this is the first and one of the most important key to a business presentation success. Simple slides, readable fonts, clear graphics will help your attendees to get the main point of your presentation. Colors of the rainbow, emoticons, lots of pictures and media, too many sentences on the slides may distract the listener from you and the topic of your business story. Focus on what you are going to tell and to help them learn, delete everything what may prevent you to do it in a right way.

Use 1-2-3 rule

This rule is mostly psychological, but all your potential partners, employees and other audiences' representatives are humans. So human psychological rules work with everybody, including your listeners. The 1-2-3 rule (or the rule of three) means that people can't focus effectively if they see more than 3 noticeable objects in their field of view. So your presentation should contain three main points, and every slide should also contain no more than three noticeable visual positions. Don't use long lists and numbers. Make accent on your main point and provide it – your main line must be clear, well seen and easy to understand.

Think who they are

If you are going to represent, for example, your SMM-service to the media marketing company, you will prepare a presentation with text and slides which are designed for people who understands complex terms and specific concepts in this topic. But if you represent the same service to the new modern kindergarten teachers who want to promote their business, you will use other words and sentences, because the tool is the same, but the audience is absolutely different. So before you start to prepare your presentation, you should learn your audience. Who are them, what do they like, what do they know, what do they expect from you and your business speech.

Be enthusiastic

You need to inspire and motivate them, don't you? People buy products, offer services and sign agreements better if they are really inspired with the speaker who offers this stuff. That's why all the salesmen and representatives of network businesses are so active and energetic. Of course, don't overplay – or they will close their doors in front of your face as they usually do with the persons listed above. But use your energy, form your attitude, be passionate with what you are doing – and you will get much more effective response from your audience no matter who they are.

Control jokes

If you are a stand-up comedian or an entertainer, of course, jokes and humor are the parts of your day-by-day work. In this case jokes sell your business or service. But most business presentations are not entertaining at all. That's why it is very important to use jokes minimally and to think about every of it carefully. Don't overdo it – sometimes you may laugh and make your attendees laugh too, but not often. This doesn't mean you shouldn't stay positive. A positive mood and good attitude make your success happen. Just know the limits of it.

Good luck with your business presentation!

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