The Best Time to Schedule Your Business Presentation

During your business presentation you speak about a product or a service - this means that a purpose of this type of presentation is to interest an audience: potential customers or suppliers, business partners or investors.

A purpose of a business presentation usually is to offer new ideas, variations of existing products, new lines or the brands to your top-manager or your business owner. Actually, no matter what exactly is going to be discussed. It is important that you should give the presentation at a specified time. And this time should not be selected randomly in any case.

Of course, sometimes you may be limited by time episodes that are offered by those who you are going to present a product, a service or yourself as a personality (an employee, for example). But often you can choose the time by yourself or choose one of several proposed options. So you may need some specific knowledge you'll learn from this article by PodioBox.

Time matters

Everyone who worked in any business for at least a year, knows the fact that the same business proposal might be accepted by the same person (e.g., you) in the morning and declined in the afternoon, or vice versa. The quality of decision-making is affected with health, biological clock, time of a day, interest in a specific project or project, sometimes with his mood. And even the highest level of professionalism, allowing the man not to give in to emotions, still doesn't make him a robot. He is a man in whose nature there is a biological clock, daily periods of activity and inactivity. If you want to increase the number of positive decisions made for your product or service, you should consider what time of a week and a day is better to offer products or give presentations.

The Best Ways to Keep to Time in a Presentation

Not in the morning

The worst decision to call a meeting or to give an important presentation is to do it on Monday in the morning. By the way, in any other morning it is better to avoid presentations too – we are talking about early mornings in the very beginning of a working day. Why is it so ineffective? On Mondays the majority of people feel themselves uncomfortably – this is called 'Monday Blues'. They feel and show poor work activity and even signs of depression. Most of us need some time to adapt to the fact that Monday exists and we should work again. Therefore, many business experts do not advise to appoint important meetings and presentations on Monday. But if you have to do it, it is better to choose a time between 10 and 11 a.m. if your day starts in 9 a.m. (or in 1-2 hours after the beginning of your day).

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Not in the evening

Especially Friday evenings – avoid Friday p.m. meetings at all. After Friday lunch no one is going to make any important decisions. This is another psychological fact: in the second half of every Friday we begin to relax and prepare to weekend, we think about personal interests, while the work is relegated to the background. It is better to appoint some routine, simple and small work to this time – it should be done some time, why not now? But no presentations, meetings and important sales negotiations - your employees and potential customers or business partners will just try to get rid of you. And this applies to any evening after 4 a.m.

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Not around the lunch time

There are many different studies about this question. Some experts say that it is better to give an important presentation before the lunch – so people are not in the food 'coma' and have 'clear mind'. Others say the opposite – if you are going to tell them something important before lunch time, they will think only about lunch and may reject your proposition just to make all this stuff go faster. As usual, the truth is somewhere in the middle. It is not good to make people decide something important right before the lunch time, and not effective to make them think while their bodies are busy with digestion process.

That's why it is better to give your important presentation in about an hour before the lunch time or in an hour after it. Several studies say that post-lunch time is better because a person have received some fuel for his brain and is now able to think more rational and logical, to understand the information better. This effect is relevant about 1-2 hours after the food intake.

What's the best time, actually?

We studied several researches from the Internet and found this numbers. According to the scientific facts the best time to give an important presentation is:

  • the first half of the day (midmorning best for both early birds and night owls)

  • 1-2 hours after the day begins

  • 1 hour before lunch or 1-2 hours after it

  • Tuesday (better) or Thursday (not bad, too)

What to do if the timing does not work? For example, you can book only a 'bad' time? Don't worry, this is not a disaster. Use the knowledge you've received in our blog, choose PodioBox all-in-one platform, which will engage your audience and turn them from passive listeners to active participants, and you will achieve your goals no matter when you present.

Good luck!

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