Are You an Impressive Speaker?

It's like dancing, when you are a skilled leading partner who knows all the moves well, but also really feels music and rhythm. Let's dance?

What are the qualities of an impressive speaker? What does it mean - to impress? Perhaps, this is about your shining individuality, such a noticeable quality as a charisma, it is about an interest to your topic and a high level of knowledge about the subject of your presentation. The ability to impress is also a skill. And you can learn more about it to increase the success of your performances.

To be impressive means to breathe in one rhythm with your audience, to catch and feel its mood and the slightest changes in their interest to your words, to be able to correct these changes, to lead people in a single impulse and finish on a high note.

As we have already said - and this is an absolute must-have for all cases, you should be very well prepared, study your audience and know your subject well. We will not even discuss this: every respected speaker knows these obligatory tasks.

So, how to become an impressive speaker?

Try to look good

You do not need to be a top-model or to have an appearance of a Hollywood star. But before you go to the podium and give a presentation, you should make sure that any detail of your appearance doesn't distract people from your performance. Of course, we don't mean natural features, only changeable elements. If the topic of your speech does not mean shocking, try to dress as neatly as possible. Get enough sleep, drink more water and do not overplay with caffeine - so you will feel better. Naturally, if your presentation is about fashion and style, clothes should be chosen just to make it visible - and accessories too. Focus on the topic and audience. In any case, you should look good. However strange it may sound, many speakers ignore this advice. And it greatly reduces the impression of their speech.

Hook the audience

We have already talked about how this can be done. The first 10 minutes are considered critical for your audience, so you need to use all your charisma to attract people's attention at this time and catch their interest - then until the end of the speech they will listen to you carefully: How to Hook Your Attendees in First Minutes Emotions work the best - if you tell an interesting story, give a vivid example, shock them with unusual statistics, you will provoke an emotional response in the majority of people present in the hall. So, they will not stay indifferent - they will get an impression. And now you are already an impressive speaker!

Do not distance yourself

People like to see you as a person as they are. We tend to trust someone who looks like us and who is close enough to us. Therefore, if you have an opportunity, do not distance yourself from the audience. In any case, do not stand behind the podium and separate yourself from the crowd of listeners. Even if you have a very large hall full of people in front of you, while you are standing on the stage - walk along it, come closer, give your emotion to the audience. And it will always respond with impressions and emotions to you, too. If the audience is small, go to the people, talk to them and be among them. This is always impressive and memorable for a long time.

Be a charismatic speaker

This is a speaker who shines with his personality. He is well educated, he has good manners. He will not allow himself inappropriate and awkward jokes. He respects his audience and is able to demonstrate this respect. His way to speak is clean and clear (how to speak more clearly, we already wrote Tips to Improve the Way You Speak), not spoiled by the verbal garbage. He is self-confident and is ready to share this confidence with those who sit and stand in front of him at the moment. Do you want to become more charismatic? It is useful to attend courses and to impress yourself with examples of video presentations made by well-known speakers - they can be found on YouTube. Before the performance, imagine yourself as a source of light, the sun that has strong and warm rays radiating around the hall. This helps your audience to perceive you as a source of positive and vivid emotions.

Imagine your audience as a person

Imagine that you are trying to attract your audience the way you would use with a person you like (for example, a future spouse). You can't use rude flattery - but it's important to make compliments and say good words sincerely. You can't cheat - but it's important to support and encourage. You can't focus only on yourself - it is important to learn as much as possible about them. You can't be sad and indifferent - it is important to tell appropriate jokes and stay in a good mood. And, of course, you should come in time to your 'date'.

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