5-minute Presentation: Take Your Chance!

5-minute presentation is NOT boring as usual, it is more emotional, impressive and engaging than the long one. You can take all your chances in these 5 minutes.

Imagine two big halls. In one hall a speaker is talking to his audience. In other hall another speaker is talking to his – another – audience, too. The first speaker is giving a 5-minute presentation. The second speaker is performing a presentation that longs for one hour. They both are impressive. Both are interesting and perfect in their topics. Also they both are enthusiastic and energetic.

Now imagine yourself listening to the first and the second speaker. Excellent performance, interesting facts, sparkling enthusiasm. This is really great! But if both speakers are on the equal level of popularity and knowledge, in the most cases the SHORT speech will be more effective and impressive than the long one. After 15-20 (or 30 if it is VERY good) minutes of the presentation most people feel themselves a little bit tired of information and emotions. In 30 minutes they are not so focused as in 15, and in 60 minutes all of them want to go out of there. Of course, this is an exaggeration, but experience of many speakers proves:

Brevity is the sister of talent.

You can make a really brilliant and maxi-effective presentation in a short episode of time. How to plan and give 5 minute presentation in a better way?

You should understand that this kind of presentation is a challenge. It is not easy to accommodate a matter of your business life or even a fairly short-term project in five minutes. It is difficult to tell about the most important things, because if you are in this business and love it, there is nothing minor in this work for you. You need to make correct accents, to reduce the information you will deliver to the listeners, you should give a nice start and an impressive finish. This type of presentation should be prepared much more carefully than the long performance, if you want to achieve your goals.

You should know that every part of your short presentation is VERY important. There should be no poorly thought out words or gestures.

Introduction – 30 seconds.

Start with a slide with your name, with a bomb-fact or quote. Your start is a key to your audience's attention, that's why it should be brilliant and impressive. Name the topic you are going to speak about – better to write it on your slide, too.

Topic relevance – 30 seconds.

In several words say why it is so important to talk about your topic, why your audience should learn more about this point or idea.

Main story – 3 minutes.

In comparison with two previous parts this is a plenty of time! You can tell a small, but interesting and impressive story, to speak about facts and to prove it. Go from fact to fact, from story to story, from point to point. BUT! Try not to give your audience more than 3 main ideas or points of view, you should have time to talk a little about each of them.

Summary – 30 seconds.

Two most useful ways. First: make a small summary about what you've told them (for example, "today I've told you about my new product and now you know it and can learn more at my business page…"). Second: make a thesis summary, repeat main positions ("today I've told you about the way you can use this products – you can put it in your pocket, hang it on your door or hide it in your purse").

Thanks – 30 seconds.

Use short quote or one interesting and enthusiastic summary phrase to finish your presentation. Express your gratitude to the audience.

Keys to the successful 5-minute presentation:

--- Use small number of slides (4-6).

--- Don't speak too fast (practice at home for several times).

--- Don't read slides, your sentences should be much more informative and impressive.

--- Use simple words, colors and templates.

--- Add emotions and enthusiasm.

--- Use your gestures.

It is better to provide a one main idea, one product or service during your short presentation. Your introduction, story and summary should be built around this idea, this will guarantee that your audience will get it right.

Don't have illusions about your knowledge. If the presentation is short, it doesn't mean that you can study the subject superficially. Simple does not mean primitive! Do the deep work – it will be appreciated by your audience.

Enjoy what you do! One, two, three… Go!

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