5 Keys To Make An Effective Sales Presentation

Do you know that 9 of 10 sales managers speak too much? This is a fact. Are you one of them?

Imagine a situation. You are watching a new movie in a cinema. This movie is very long-lasting, quite boring and don't have a story at all. You feel really uncomfortable, want to go home as soon as possible, and don't understand what have you paid for. You know that you won't buy a ticket to such movie any more. They took your money once, but they haven't sold it to you in a prospective.

The same thing happens if you deliver an unprepared sales presentation. Saying "unprepared" we mean not "you did nothing", but "you did it wrong". How to make your sales presentation really selling and effective?

Key 1. Know your prospective clients

When you prepare your presentation, make a research about your audience. You will not sell your product if you choose a wrong audience. Every salesman knows that target audience is everything – you won't sell a sportive car to a housewife who has problems with paying her monthly bills. Ask yourself:

Who they are?

Why they need my product or service?

What problem my product will solve for them?

Why they should listen to me?

How to motivate them to buy my product?

Those questions are common, but necessary. Also it is very important to guess about your audience's mood and thoughts before your presentation and in its progress. Think how they will understand you, what do they already know about your topic or similar kinds of products or services, what they will think about this after you end up your sales speech? What are they going to do next?

Key 2. Perform a Great Start

We've already written about Best Ways To Start A Presentation but if you are giving a sales pitch, you should remember: your start may resonate with your audience's needs or feelings, with their problems which are connected to your field of work, to your specific service or product. You may start with a quote, with a statistic data, with an interesting and impressive story, with telling about your own experience in solving this problem. Better not to start a sales pitch with common questions.

Key 3. Be sure it is relevant

Your presentation shouldn't be "about everything". This is one of the most popular mistakes of all sales speakers, they are talking about weather, political situation, personal life, while they should offer, for example, a technical innovations for kitchens to their audiences. Make it relevant:

to your field of work,

to your current product or service,

to your audience,

to your today's speech.

Don’t use the same presentations! It is better to spend some time in the evening before your performance and make it a little bit personalized, customized to the specific people which you will meet tomorrow, than to use the same, to tell the same and to try selling in the same way. This will not work for a long time.

Key 4. Help them to understand

If you are talking to people from other country or culture, be ready – they may not understand your specific terms and thoughts. Not because of your bad language, it may be fluent, but every type of audience has its own issues with the specific ideas or problems. Keep your presentation clear, use words and ideas which really have only one sense and explanation. Of course, if you are going to present your product or service to other country, study its presentation culture and nuances – ask native event organizers to help you with it. Even if your audience lives in the same city with you, be sure that you use terms they understand – a doctor perfectly knows what is "pyelonephritis", but a patient knows only "a kidney disease".

Key 5. Believe in your product

Use your energy to sell – speak with all your enthusiasm (but keep it real, don't overplay, they are not in a theatre), inspire your audience. Show them benefits, not only features – this is just a number of points. Main benefits, from three to five, will motivate them to buy your products or to offer a service much better when listing of beautiful names and numbers of functions. Experts say that one of the best ways to sell is… not to sell. Give people possibilities, educate them during your sales presentation, show your products or service on practice, if it is not easy to do – show pictures, videos. Don't read! Use your body language, tell stories.

And be sure for 150% that your offer is really GOOD.

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