15 Minute Presentation: Quick Guide

Fifteen minute presentation is one of the most widespread types of public performances. This period of time is perfect – you can express your opinion

You can give your audience new knowledge and impression, ask and answer question, discuss a topic, argue with the audience and get your applause. Sounds impossible? Try it and you'll see – this is a lot of time. And you can use it for achieving your business or personal goals. How to make your 15-minute presentation better?

Keep It Short and Simple

Well-known K.I.S.S. rule really works. Even better than in a case if you prepare a long presentation. When you write down your speech, read it MANY times, delete all "water" words, leave only simple, short, clear messages and sentences. You must tell your idea in 15 words. If you can't do this – you have to work and work more.

What about short? When you train at home, remember that your limit must be divided, at least, in two. We always speak more fluent to our friends or family, or even to ourselves near the mirror. During your presentation there will be many people, always may be some technical troubles etc, so you need to train a lot and tell all you are going to tell in a time period much more shorter than 15 minutes.

Practice more – try to say everything first in 10 minutes, than in 7. In a fast way – in 5 minutes. Try different techniques and ways, this will make you feel free during your public speaking event.

See it like them

Look at every single slide you've prepared. See every single word. How it may look with your attendees' eyes? Will they understand what exactly you are going to tell them? Are these pictures good? Are these words clear? Do your slides give them knowledge, impression, interest? Imagine that you are one of your attendees. You pay money and come to the presentation. What is a chance for you (him) to be satisfied by the results of this meeting or event? Is it interesting? Is it new or you already know all the information? Is it impressive, interactive, maybe – fun?

Also it is necessary to check a quality of your slides, videos, fonts, your technical systems. There may be a huge problem if you have to deal with software compatibility or installation, so use PodioBox, all-in-one presentation platform which saves your time and money. Nothing to install, just plug and play. And your participants will easily interact every minute of your event.

Check your timing

When you practice before the presentation, write down its short schedule. You must clearly know what to say and what to do on its first, fifth or fifteenth minute. Yes, we've already said that 15 minutes is a big amount of time. But only if you are going to use it properly.

How to make a list of your time-goals?

1 minute– introduce yourself and name the topic. Who are you? Why are you here? What are you going to speak about? Tell them NOW that you will have a minute to ask their questions in the end (this remark will save your common time).

2 minutes– show and emphasize the relevance of the topic. Why it is interesting? Why do they need to listen to you?

5+5 minutes – tell your story, facts and prove them. You can use this time to tell a fact/story and prove it next, then tell next and prove it etc. Or to tell a story and then go to the proved facts. What happens? Why is it so? Who told this?

1 minute – summarize the main points of your presentation. What was the most important to know?

1 minute– talk to your audience, ask and answer. What do you think? What do you want to ask?

Leave your contacts and show you are opened to communicate after the presentation – so your audience can write (or call) you later and continue your interaction. This moment highly increases a number of people who comes back for more to your presentations.

Feel yourself confident. Prepare and practice well. You know this topic. You are an authority.

Go and make your best 15-minute presentation ever!

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